Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring Family Photos 2016

 During Spring Break last week we did a photo shoot of our family.  We hadn't done any since December of it was time!!  We (I) decided we would wear bright colors instead of the typical neutrals we usually wear.  I am very happy with how all the colors coordinated so well!!  We were very lucky to have Ashlee come take the full family pics, as well as a few more!!  Thanks Ashlee!!

Finley age 10, Aidan age 14, Joseph, me, Breslyn age 7, Owen age 5
March 2016

Almost 16 years of marriage...I still love him so very much!!

This boy!!  For the past few years it has been very difficult to get him to simultaneously look at the camera AND smile (as you can see in our full family photos).  Just.too.hard!!  I was lucky to snap a few candid ones when he wasn't looking.  

All the crazy men in our family...

Aidan...he is growing my leaps and FO REALS!  He's almost 6'2" and he just turned 14. 

Finn...he loves to read!!  He enjoys playing at his Gaga and Gpa's house, Science Fiction, movies and his kindle!!  In that order!!  

Owen loves his momma!!  And I love still having a snuggler!  He likes to play Legos and anything else Finley likes to play with!!! Ha!  He really loves Kindergarten (especially his sweet teacher, Ms. Hunter)!! ;)

My beautiful B...twirl your heart out sweet girl!  We are ALL so blessed by her (even if the boys won't admit it).  She is a nurturer and helper!  She loves art, dancing, playing with her dolls and her Kindle.   

I love my tribe of goofballs.  They are all my favorites.  


  1. In no particular order:
    B's fingernails
    O's picture just above
    Could Aiden and Fin LOOK any more alike?
    Your hair!
    The wrinkle in Joey's forehead in the pic of the two of you--combination of "the things I do for this woman" and "how big should I smile?"

    Love you guys!

  2. They turned out SO good!!! Love them all!!