Thursday, June 30, 2016

APRIL 2016 Roundup

So April...we are going to run through you all sorts of short and sweet mean like.

We had Owen's 6th Birthday at our local bowling arena....that's one motley crew right there!!  Haha!

So this picture just about sums up how Obug feels about cupcakes...loves the icing so much that after he eats his portion he decides to eat his brother's cupcake icing with his fingers!!

Sunday, April 3rd, was a BEAUTIFUL party for my wonderful Grandmother!!  She turned 90 and we all loved celebrating that day with her!!  

My mom worked tirelessly prepping for the party and it all turned out perfectly!! 

And then comes the painful part of little brother was killed in a car crash April 4th.  

The next day my kiddos wore their Longhorn gear in his sweet.

Later that week Haley and V took me out for my birthday (early).  Company was was terrible and of course my heart was pulling me to be with my parents.  I did appreciate all they did to make my day special! 

Thursday, April 7th, was Owen's actual birthday...look at him!!!  So cute making a wish and blowing out his donut candle!

That night was my brother's memorial service...I have a few pictures, but don't really want to share them right now.  This arrangement is from my sweet church.  I actually cried when they died.  Like streaming tears, because I didn't want to let go of them.  I did save one yellow rose bud and it's in my desk drawer.  I pull it out often and smile.  

Sunday night we had our traditional family birthday dinner for Owen!  We had Mexican food OF COURSE!!  

Sweet Memaw and B matched!

I know it was hard for my parents to be there...celebrating, when they were hurting so much.  

A LOT  of April was filled at our client's house.  Blood, sweat and tears were spent here...

...but we also had fun shopping for their home!!!

We surprised the kids with a trip to Great Wolf Lodge and they had an amazing time!!  By the end of our 3 days there we were all exhausted!!

Saturday, April 23, we went to see my mom perform in Bye Bye Birdie at the Artisan Theatre in Hurst.  OMGosh friends!!  She was amazing.  AMAZING!!  She had that crowd laughing out loud!  

And to round out the month we took our annual trip to Canton!!!  It was hot...but we had a great time.  I found these lovely manequin heads and you know I have to take selfies with any statues I come across.  I'm totally digging the blue lips and neck tattoo...

April was so full of sadness and grief and heartache, but also with love and celebrations and happiness.  

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