Thursday, January 5, 2017

New Year's Eve 2016

I did a terrible job at taking pics of NYE, but here are a few!  I found some cute stuff at and blue aren't your typical NYE colors, but I loved the gold throughout!

I pretty much prepped all day....making sausage balls, little smokies, queso, cupcakes...

...and took breaks for Snapchat. (I cannot stop watching this...laughing so hard I've got tears!!!)

Finally it was time for the party...the men watched a sad game of football and girls chatted while kids ran amuck.

And of course when the party got good and we were playing HeadsUp and singing Karaoke with our phones I didn't get a single picture.  Granted we were using my phone, so pics would have been difficult!  We had a great, fellowship and fun was had by all.

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