Sunday, January 1, 2017

Reflections on Christmas

Being honest...

...I didn't experience genuine happiness this Christmas.  This picture should have my brother in it.  At the very least he should be home sleeping waiting to get up and open presents with his niece and nephews.  He should be expecting his annual Best Buy gift card from us.  

I laughed my way through some super fun games (5 seconds and the plastic wrap ball full of little gifts), I smiled while the kids opened their gifts.  I hugged, I ate, I sang at church.  It was all nice.  But there was no true happiness.  And I know that is to be expected the first Christmas without Zach.  I understand.  It was inevitable.  It was not easy.  It sucked.  My poor parents...I'm sure this holiday was beyond painful.  Christmas was beautiful around our house...the decorations softened the hurt.  The love from family lessened the sadness.  The music (especially Bing Crosby) lightened the mood.   
Now to face a new year... 

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