Thursday, August 25, 2011

I DO Still Love You...

Oh my child....
You scream and hit
kick and throw
whine and cry
and I can deal with all of that.

You yell, "I hate you"
and say you're an idiot
while flailing about on the floor
you inform the world you are unloved
and I can deal with all of that.

My child you are so loved
A {hug}is waiting anytime you are in need
A kiss is just a pucker away
Love will never be kept from you
and YOU can count on that.

This mommy has had a very rough week in the child rearing department.  I have begun working at my new job and each day I come home and can barely move.  I hurt from my head to my toes.  And unfortunately I have nothing left to give my family.  That makes me sad and weighs heavy on my heart.  But I am hoping once I am in the swing of things it won't be quite so hard. 

I am praying that tomorrow will bring a sense of renewal, a fresh perspective and happy children. 

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday and the hubs and I are going on a much NEEDED date.  :)


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  1. Hey Ashley...Big hugs go out to ya! I know all about the "nothing left to give"...mine is just that I am mentally drained some days..Praying for ya! Have a great weekend off! and a date, awesome..what is that, I can't even remember the last one..sad....Gotta get back to my small town (thats where the babysitter is!) lol