Monday, August 15, 2011

Trash, Hooks and Towels

Well, that title sounds like this will be a random post, but actually it all connects!!  

I have been wanting to put up new hooks in the kids bathrooms to hold their BEVO towels (if you are not a University of Texas fan you might want to just move on!!).  My mom and dad are UT alumni and they have bought each of my kiddos their own BEVO towel personalized with their names!  

I bought the hooks weeks ago from the AMAZING Hobby Lobby.  They are adorable and represent each of my kids perfectly!!  Then I was on the hunt for the perfect piece of wood to nail them to!!
Anywho...while garage sale shopping with my bff Ashlee, about 2 weeks ago, I found this piece of wood, which I believe used to be a panel on a cabinet door.  It was just laying there in a pile of trash!!  Score!!  It was beautiful...okay it was dirty and rough, but I could see the potential!! 

So tonight the hubs and I decided to get this show on the road!!  Here is the process in pics!!  

Here is my sexy hubby getting to work!!

 Here I am...I promise I did actually participate even though most of the pics are of my sweet husband!!

 And here you might notice that the last towel just doesn't quite fit!!  Well, Owen's Gaga and Grandpa are aware that he doesn't have his BEVO towel yet and they are working on that!!  Thanks mom and dad!!

 Aidan, Finley and Breslyn's towels!!  I just love them...they are so cute and soft!! 
I am so happy that I finally have ONE room in my house that is completely COMPLETE!!  Ha!!  I hope the kiddos appreciate the hard work their daddy and I have put into their potty room!!  

{p.s. if you would like to see a few more pics of the bathroom, but mostly of the paper wreath tutorial just go HERE!!}



  1. Cute hooks! Can't say the same about the towels, though - LOL!

  2. That turned out so cute! I love how you used those symbols above the hooks. Cute towel too! I have a party going on over at my blog if you want to join! I'd love to have you! Check it out under the "Stache Party" page on my blog: