Monday, August 8, 2011

In Two Weeks...

my little man will be starting KINDERGARTEN!!

Oh Finley, how you make me smile, and try my patience, and make me think, and make me remember, and irritate me, and hug me, and show me the faith of a child.  I love you so very much.  A few months ago I was SO ready for you to hurry up and start school already...but now with the days rapidly approaching I just tear up at the thought of you leaving me every day.  It will be a wonderful experience for you and you are gonna ROCK Kinder....but....this momma is so afraid to let you go.  I have no fear that you can handle yourself...physically and mentally.  I hope you will make lots of new friends and impress the teacher daily.  

But still....
this momma is crying.  I'm so proud of the little Paleontologist, scientist, actor, singer, dancer and sweet boy you have become.  You are going to make a difference in this world.  

I love you Finley Patrick!! 
your momma

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  1. I have just had a major moment of de ja vue...these very same words could have been written about Finn's Daddy. Trying, persistent, funny and scary smart. He was so ready for kindergarten, but his Momma wasn't...and to be honest...still isn't. I'm cryin' with you, but so, so, so proud of my little buddy.
    Linda / Memaw