Friday, August 22, 2014

Photo Dump...Week of July 20th

Well Monday was a more "difficult" day at home with the can read more about that HERE.  But after a very emotional prayer time I was extremely better!  Thank you Lord!!  Monday night I helped sort through all of the crap bulletin board material for my preschool.  Although it may not be easy for me to throw away my own stuff, I was EASILY able to go through and get rid of a lot of these ugly old items!!

Tuesday after the kids and I dropped off Aidan for trombone practice we headed to the carwash...which is always lots of fun!!!;)

Tuesday afternoon after a long day of fun for Finn, who stayed the night over at Joshua's house for a rocking campfire birthday, and just a LOOONG day without a nap for bugs, they both fell asleep in the car!  It was pretty cute I must say!

Wednesday I just felt it was time to at least partially clean out my Expedition was filled to the Joey had to follow me to the dump just to carry the kids for me!!  Haha!  After we unloaded the junk and the kids got in my car Joey left for work!  I was exhausted by the end of the day!

Thursday B and I played of my very favorite games as a little girl...and this particular game is vintage!!

 Saturday we met Memaw for lunch at McD!  Not the best pic of Owen, but everyone else is looking AND smiling!!  Ha!

My dad gave Finn a pocket knife recently....and yep, he is using it to poke holes in his cup!  I am a #yesmom (which is something a blogger started for moms who would rather choose to let their kids have fun over being uptight in the situation...I've been a #yesmom ALL summer with Owen's wardrobe.  He has wanted to pick out his clothes and I've let him...even when he wears a red shirt with maroon shorts and water shoes everywhere.)!!

While at McD, Memaw showed me this pic of B she had on her phone.  I.about.died!!  I wanted to cry over how much she has grown!!  Oh my precious little girl....

 Friday I got my glasses!  I really like them...but I have determined that my ears are not even.  Ha!

Sunday afternoon Haley and I went and saw "a movie" was hilarious, and completely inappropriate!  After we had some of the best cinnamon rolls EVER!

Another week done...check!
Camp for week!!

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