Friday, August 1, 2014

Photo Dump...Week of July 13th

Monday night my hubs put the finishing touches on the "winder mouldin'" hooks!!  And we finally started putting things BACK on the walls.  I was so hesitant to put new holes in my freshly painted walls...but it's kinda boring around here with nuthin' on the walls!!  (yes, that is a trash can he is using as his base...classy)

Apparently not much happened Tuesday or Wednesday!!  But Thursday some beautiful storms moved in...just as I had to leave for my eye exam.  I did have to get glasses....but the prescription is ridiculously low.  I have great eyes...just straining too much to read (insert...stare at the computer).

Thursday we went as a family to lunch and then some Walmart shopping!  Bwahaha!!
Family Day Fun!!

And Thursday night I tackled a new project...wasn't even planning on this one.  But I went for it anyways!  Joey and I sanded our dining room table.  I started the painting process and left it to dry!

Friday we had to take Lulu to get her shots....she was a MESS!!!  My kids were CRAZY in the room!!  Somehow the nurse and I connected and she proceeded to fill me in on what is like to be the mother of a football player (I'm scared for the season to start!).  She was full of great advice and gave me her cell phone number if I had any other questions!  Then just as the doc came in Owen yells, "I need to poop!"  Classy again!  So I left Finn and B with the nurse, doc and Lulu!!!  Ha!  

On the way home Lulu was worn out...she could barely move.  Poor pup!  She perked up later that afternoon!

Friday afternoon we kept Miss. Camille while Ashlee was preparing for her garage sale!  We had a blast...the kids can't stand her as you can clearly tell!!!

Saturday morning bath time!!  She did great the night before...slept right through...much to the surprise of her Momma!! ;)

Saturday afternoon I sanded the legs of the table...LOVING IT!! Up next...staining the top!!

So....let's just get this out there.  I received this AWESOME giftcard from B's class for being room mom.  I've been looking for a "Froyo" location since the last day of school.  Yep.  I finally flipped this thing over and realized it was for "Orange Leaf" ...where you EAT "frozen yogurt...froyo".  I'm.a.moron.  I laughed out loud at myself for a LOOOONG time when I put two and two together!  I think Ashlee got a pretty good laugh too!! :))  Saturday we had us some Orange Leaf yumminess!!

Sunday B was being baptized...and she was EXCITED!  She got up super early to go with me to worship team practice!

Pastor Kevin dunking B!!  She was so brave!

We had LOTS of family there....but this was the ONLY pic I took!!  Big fat fail.  But thank you to my mom, dad, Grandma, MIL, FIL, SIL- Starla and her kiddos for coming out to support B. Claire!!

Sunday afternoon (technically Saturdays mail) B read through her special mail from Grandpa!!  It was so sweet...he wrote her 3 pages and she loved reading every word!  She had written my dad a letter telling him she hopes he feels better and this was his response!  3 pages of love!!

What a great LONG week.  :))

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