Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sweaty Playdate

We met the Szymanski crew at our elementary school playground for some fun in the HOT HOT HOT sun!!  Ugh...have I mentioned I hate summer?  No?  Well I do!!

"Babaloo" (I don't know if that's how you spell it, but you better get where it's from!)

A little unfair....Aidan had quite the advantage over Josh and Keegan!!  Ha!

Sweet smile!

Can't leave out sweet Camille!!  She was a LOT little sweaty in her carseat...then sweaty on our legs when she sat in our laps!! Ha!

The kids started an impromptu game of baseball!  Josh was the coach and pitcher.  Owen did his best to focus on the ball!!  Love that sweaty little head of hair!!

A fierce discussion going on in the dugout!!

Beautiful B up to bat!

Next it was Finn's turn....first, he is NOT big into sports!  He loves dinosaurs, Legos and is not his thang!  But wouldn't you know it he was the ONLY one to get a hit!!  And it went far too!  Go big boy!

This picture just cracks me up!!!  Hahaha!  Too small hat, too small bat...but he was determined to hit it out of the "park"!  Didn't happen, but he tried hard!!

And the sweet girls!!  For some crazy reason Camille was not wearing a bow/flower.  I had a discussion with her momma and that won't happen again!! ya Ash!! ;)

Just a few more weeks for these fun little rendezvous!!  Then it's back to the grind!!  ;)

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