Saturday, July 12, 2014

Breslyn's Frozen Party...Happy 6th!!

B's 6th birthday theme was Frozen...and we had so much fun!!  Her party was held at Van Grow Art Studio.  We had our own personal teacher and lots of crafts to do...but the best part was watching the girls try to paint Elsa!!

B and Julien...

They made crowns, beaded necklaces and had coloring sheets to choose from!

This was our FIRST class party!  I admit I was nervous.  With family parties the pressure isn't there because they WILL be there, but friends don't always RSVP or come at all.  I was so happy almost all of the girls from her class came!

Olivia (on the right) and her twin sister...


And of course the girls in our family came as well!!  Memaw, Grandma and Gaga...

Evelyn and Amaya...

Ready to paint!!!

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of my Breslyn!  So beautiful!

Their teacher!

B's adaptation of Elsa....pretty great I say!!

Time for cake and presents!!

And their finished works of art!  Great job girls...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRESLYN!!

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