Thursday, July 24, 2014

Photo Dump...Week of July 6th

Monday Obug was still a little puny. :(

I broke out Breslyn's easel she got for Christmas!  Thanks Memaw!!  The instructions stunk, but I was able to figure it out.  Unfortunately while scooting it around to put in the screws, I scratched up my hardwoods!  Grrrr!  But it provided hours of fun, so TOTALLY worth it!

Tuesday I took the kids to the library.  A HEFTY fine later we walked out with some great books!!  I had to pay fines from...1997!!  Seriously....after all that time, I should be given some grace!!  Gaw!

AFTER we had checked out I noticed one of the books B picked out!!!!  Hahaha!  I know divorce isn't a laughing matter, but this had me rolling!  And she has been REALLY reading it and asking questions!  Lesson for Momma...check all the books BEFORE we check out next time!  Ha!

There was a whole munch of nothin going on mid-week!   We had a picnic dinner!

Then some brotherly love....:))

Saturday Ashlee sent me a pic of a hairstyle and color she thought would look great on I flooded Pinterest with 50 hairstyle pins shortly after!!

Saturday night Haley and I went to dinner and saw Tammy!!!  So very funny!  So very inappropriate!  Ha!

Whew....the summer is flying by! :)

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