Monday, July 21, 2014

Photo Dump...Week of June 30th

Apparently we did nothing Monday!!!  Ha! 

That night we took dinner to my parents house.  We had a good time talking and hanging out!
I like this picture of my dad because he looks good...and happy.

Wednesday sweat-a-thon!!

Wednesday B woke up with a rash on her upper was hot to the touch, but she seemed fine.

Wednesday before lunch we met up with Ashlee at the these little girls!!

The rest of the day was filled with board games!! Upwords and Pictureka!!

Thursday morning B's rash had spread to both her arms...upper and lower AND her face. So I called the doc and luckily they were able to work us in (this was the day before 4th of July).  As we were sitting in the waiting room the rash started spreading down her chest.  They assumed it was an allergic reaction to something that got on her sunscreen.  But I have since used the same sunscreen and she is fine.  But I was glad to know she was ok and NOT contagious!!

We had LOTS of errands to run after her appt!  First...lunch at Chick fil a!!!  AND then we saw How to Train Your Dragon 2!!  It was GREAT!  I might've cried a little.  

So I've found a new button on my phone.  It's the check mark...which I am now using on my notes app!  I like to see all that I've done and all that I have yet to do!!  Yes, I am a dork...I will completely admit that. ;)

NO words for this...

FINALLY FRIDAY CAME!!!  Ashlee and I left at 5:30am and headed to Canton!!!  I've already done a whole post HERE!!

Saturday I was EXHAUSTED from our Canton trip, but I was bound and determined to find that "console table" for my entry way.  Well, after lots of shopping with my MIL, we found this old gem!  It's not exactly a table, but it will for sure work!!

Saturday afternoon I had some snuggle time with this little girl!!

Saturday night I went to bed early with a horrible headache.  Not a migraine, but I still couldn't function with it. :(( I believe it was breathing in two days of dust at Canton and then Saturday at Habitat ReStore.  Anyways, I could not get out of bed Sunday morning.  Joey got ready and took B, Aidan and Finley to church.  Owen was sick too (pukey)....and we just laid in bed together...all pathetic and such.

But I did snap a few of B and her new outfit from Canton and one of Aidan who left for Youth Camp that afternoon!!

That evening we received a call from camp that Aidan had thrown up!!! :(((  We so thought he had Owen's bug, but after one episode of puke he was just fine!!  Whoohoo!

It was a fun, great, sickly week!  

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