Saturday, July 12, 2014


I'm a little behind on some events because my computer jacked with the dates I forgot.  So I'm playing catch up!!  Back in May the kids had Awards Night for Gopher Buddies and Olympians.  If you remember Awanas (and I believe they still do that at some churches), this is just another version of that.

These are the Gopher Buddies...age 3-Kinder.  They sang for us and it was precious!  

And then on to the Olympians...1st-5th grade.  Finley received a bronze medal!  He was very proud of his "real" medal and wore it for days after!!

At the end our pastor spoke about all the kids who had asked Jesus into their heart this year...and since B had just made that decision 3 days earlier, he called her up on the stage to talk about it!!  I just love our pastor and his heart for our kids.  He is a great man with a great heart.

Crazy group of kiddos...but they sure are cute!! Special thanks to the awesome adults who work with them every Wednesday!  

Proud of these little stinkers!!  :))

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