Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Draw Me Closer Lord

I have spoken those words many MANY times over....Lord, please draw me closer to you.  Please.  Whatever it takes, please let me be close.

I've gone through a lot the last few months that have caused a constant draw to Him.

When there is no one else who understands...He does.

When there is no way to make my passions come alive...He has the way.

When I can't understand why we have such a hard situation with our child...He knows.

When no one else knows my name...He speaks it clearly.

When the tears are often...He comforts me.

When I'm tired of watching what I eat and working out...He carries me.

When I don't know which decision to make...He speaks.

I've never felt closer, wanted to spend more time praying and reading my Bible than right now in this place in my life.  Thank you Lord for drawing me close.

{chalkboards by Sweet Blessings}

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