Wednesday, February 25, 2015

January in Review

Thought I would do something new this year....instead of weekly photo dumps, I am going to do monthly recaps.  Will this work Traci?!!  Ha!! 

January 2015

* I went to Canton in January!  Of course I had to take the obligatory "find-a-head-and-take-a-pic-with-it" picture!!  He looks pretty stoked about it too!!
*I came across some old pictures while purging my B with Grandma and mom playing Annie Oakley!!  She has always been beautiful, but when she sings she is even more stunning!!
*The kids spent some nights with Gaga and Grandpa...that always involves crafts.  :)  Breslyn made hats for herself and her AG doll, Isabelle.
*I finally got a MUCH NEEDED haircut.  I love it...I do miss my locks when I want to throw it up in a quick bun, but I'm loving how easy it is to fix!!
*We made a trip to Target and B decided to become a shoe model and I shopped the sheet section for some great deals.
*Grandpa and the kiddos shot bb guns off the front porch...yep, we are classy like that!!  Haha!!  But seriously they have a HUGE front yard, and they had targets set up!
*I started leading a new women's bible study at our church..."Restless" is a GREAT book, and it has moved me to tears and closer to God!  I'm honored to be teaching it to a wonderful group of ladies.
*I renewed my healthy eating goals and hit my one year mark with Weight Watchers!!
*Aidan broke his new glasses playing bball...ugh.  So we had to make a trip to the eye doctor.
*And finally we have decided to move Owen in with Breslyn.  It was a decision I did not make lightly- - -but it is best for Finn to have his own room right now.  I can't wait to finish their room and take pics for the reveal!!

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  1. I guess this will be fine, if you just insist. :-) I just love your pictures, so don't feel like this is the only time you can post them! Love and hugs!