Sunday, August 29, 2010

Aidan's First Day of 3rd Grade

Look at him!! Such a sweet wonderful big boy going to 3rd grade!!

His new TEXAS RANGERS backpack {thanks Gaga}!!
It was filled with LOTS of school supplies {thanks Memaw}!!

Yummy breakfast....biscuits and jelly....and water!! He's such a goood boy!

Aidan really was gonna miss his littlest sibling! After school last year...EVERY SINGLE DAY he would run in and love on Breslyn as fast as he he has two littles to love on {and Finn, but Finn doesn't usually want to be hugged on!!}

He's sooo tall...and yes, that is biscuit stuck to his shorts!! I got it off before he got on the bus!!

Sweet sweet sweet!

Mommy and you see my sadness?

I think he was trying to pretend I wasn't there with him at the bus stop!! Ha!

Beautiful sunrise! Last year he had to be at the bus stop at 7:24...this year 7:05!!'s terrible, but he doesn't seem to mind.

This is when I started to feel my heart leaving my chest and watched it getting on this Peterman bus. I don't know Peterman, but I trust him wholly to take care of my little man. ;)

There he goes....and as I walked home I realized something was wrong with my eyes...they were watering up! I love you Aidan. Daddy and I are proud of all you have done and will do!! You rock big boy!!

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