Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our Family Diner

{help...I am not computer do I start typing above my first picture??}

Okay, so family diner it's not, but we have discovered Logan's Roadhouse restaurant and have decided it is "our" family restaurant!! We always have a coupon, B and Finn always share a kids meal and the prices are already pretty cheap. A month or so ago we made a trip to L, and I snapped a few pics of our dinner...look at this sweet family {minus me...forgot to take my own pic, since nobody else ever volunteers to take mine!} :)

Joseph Patrick and his namesake Finley Patrick.

Daddy and Aidan {also know as Bubba around our house}.

Okay...please tell me you died laughing at this pic? Hahahaha!! I have a better pic from that night, but this one is HILARIOUS!! I love it and it is now my wallpaper on my laptop!! Teehee!

Big Brother loves his little sister Breslyn Claire...and I think the feeling is mutual.

We are pretty lucky that our kiddos really behave themselves when we're out and about! Love this sweet little {HUGE} family!!

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  1. cute kids, cute blog... to type above your first pic...just type and after you have typed click where you want the pic to go...and THEN add it to the posting. :0)