Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Austin City Limits

A season of growth happened for our family when we moved to Austin. Not only did we move down to a "strange" city {in every sense of the word}, we only knew one other person there and we were scared. As a couple we had to cling to each other and go through this new journey together. Now as we look back at our time in Austin/Round Rock, we know that that was exactly what we needed and that many couples could benefit from that kind of experience.

Upon telling a friend our plans to move, she told me she could never move away from her mother. They were close...friends more than the mother daughter relationship. And I understood. Why would you leave a good thing? We were leaving our parents, friends, church and our "way of doing things" behind us....all that was left was one husband, one wife, one son and a BIG BIG GOD.

Once we were settled, we began to explore Austin and all it had to offer. We loved going to the City Wide Garage Sale, walking around all the malls, driving around campus and yes...watching the people that are clearly trying to "Keep Austin Weird"! Ha! But the most important place we found in Austin was our church home.

We fell in love with Cypress Creek Baptist Church which became Church at Canyon Creek!! We also fell in love with the people there. CCC was an amazing place to worship, fellowship, seek and follow. We had an incredible Sunday school class....wonderful teachers and amazing friends. While worshiping there we learned so much about being a true Christ-follower.

Unspoken prayer requests didn't exist there...it was all honesty all the time. Our SS group met together all the time to get to know each other better, to find out where each family was hurting and needed prayer or a meal brought to them. When I lost the first baby, my sweet friends came and supported us and brought our family meals. I met one of my best friends through that church...our kids played together, our husbands played together.

While in Austin we bought our first house, had our second child, grew in our relationship with each other and especially with God. Being away from what was comfortable, what was known, what was always done, going where we always went, seeing who we always saw, worshiping where we always worshiped....it was the most incredible learning experience ever. I wish for every couple, every family to go through the same set of circumstances...to grow closer
to each other and
closer to

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  1. Hey Ashley...I can SSSOOOOO realte to your post! We moved to North Dallas exactly 1 year ago February...and it has been an experieince...Something totally out of my comfort zone, no family, no friends it has been life changing! In ways I miss home, but not enough to go back..I do love it here, I do also believe God led us here and is TRYING to teach me patience, which is not my virtue!! lol.. We are new to church, and i still struggle greatly, but i joined my first womens bible study, then i backed out, and now i signed up again...they are probably thinking, Crazy Californian!! lol..I LOVE this post and believe it 100%!!
    Have a fantabulous day!