Thursday, January 6, 2011

Humility and Hurt

Hurt first....Finley told me something yesterday that hurt me. I know those words will eventually come out of every child/teen's mouth, but it hurt nonetheless. I'm sure I said those same words under my breath at my parents...muffled just enough that I felt vindicated, but knowing that neither adult figure actually heard me. To be honest, if I thought either of my parents heard me say such a mean statement, it would brake me. I am a people-pleaser... especially when it comes to my family. Again, I know that Finn didn't mean what he said, but it cut just a little...maybe because he and I go at it more than anyone else in this house does!! Ha! The cut will heal and I will forget.

Humility second....It sounds like there isn't much difference in the words humility and humiliated, but man there is!! I know I have done a post in the past about humility, but I feel a strong need to write about it again. In current season of life we struggle with our finances. We live paycheck to paycheck...who doesn't? I personally know so many people right now who have had to rely on parents or grandparents or siblings to get by every now and then. Well, right now we very often have to rely on the generousness of our extended families. My parents pay for Finn to go to preschool...which is such a blessing...he loves to learn and cannot wait for Kindergarten...all because my parents have helped us. My Grandmother is always helping us here or there, but over the last few months she has helped us so much....and we couldn't have made it without her. Our family is so blessed by this generous arm that is constantly outstretched towards us. On the flip side of accepting help, is the feeling of complete humiliation. God is definitely teaching Joey and myself the hideous gift of humility!! Joking aside, I feel stronger for having known we could have fallen were it not for hand"ups" we have been given. I pray that my children will make sound financial decisions and be frugal, yet lead wonderfully abundant lives. But I also pray that we...Joey and myself...will be able to bless others, including our children, when they need financial help. What a blessing TO US to be able to pay it forward for those who are struggling. So there is a difference in humility and just have to get through the humiliation to recognize and accept the fact that humility is a great gift.

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  1. Ashley, I love this post and have been thinking a lot about humility the last few days. It is the doorway to so many things, people are scared to be vulnerable and love pride more than love I am afraid. Guilty here! Sometimes God shows us our great need, that we are not self sufficient, even though we run around diluted that we are OK all on our own. Constant lesson for me!!
    Also I wanted to let you know I awarded you with the "Stylish Blogger Award" on my blog:)