Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Torn in Four

{this is in no way meant to demean any families with 2 kids or less!! :)}

There are days when I think, OMGosh...I have swept this stinkin' kitchen 3 times already today, and I am doing it AGAIN! And I get irritated, but as I sweep I am all too aware that this "physically" challenging time will not last forever. One day they will be doing chores and picking up after themselves, and reading books all by themselves and they will know it all....and basically won't need me near as much...{insert a very sad face}. But ONE DAY I will switch from being physically exhausted to mentally spent!!

I am already worrying about how we are gonna pay for:
FOUR cars
FOUR colleges
FOUR weddings
AND possibly FOUR kiddos in glasses (thanks Joey), FOUR kids with toe problems (thanks Joey) and FOUR kids with dental issues (thanks me)!!
I remember how my heart hurt when I let Aidan go to his first day of preschool...what would I do if anyone made fun of my baby? And NOW...I have three more kiddos to fret over, stand in for and pray over. Finley is feisty, and I just worry about how we will handle himself in school. He doesn't handle jokes at his expense well....he is a loud, funny, smart kiddo, but still....I worry. I don't even know how I am going to handle B going to preschool, much less kindergarten. I know the pressures of being a girl...being pretty, skinny, popular, proper...perfect. I just can't wrap my head around that fact that my heart is actually torn into four pieces. It amazes me how love can multiply with the birth of each child!! I am so blessed and I know that I can lay all my cares (and worries) on the LORD....but I am human, and a I am gonna worry!! Ha!

I never expected to be a mother to FOUR kiddos, but I couldn't be happier or feel more blessed. Thank you Lord for each of my unexpected blessings.

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  1. "OMGosh...I have swept this stinkin' kitchen 3 times already today, and I am doing it AGAIN!" Me too, girl!! I have 3, ages 6, 8 & 10...I felt the same way when they started school, especially when by baby started K last year. I'm homeschooling them all this year. I think I'm likely crazy! Hang in there...I won't say it gets easier...just different!