Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Personal Treasure Trove

After the hubbs and I cleaned and rearranged our master bedroom I was left with an extremely messy scrapbook table! I also had a huge Rubbermaid tub that turned out to be my own little treasure trove!! I opened it irritated that I had yet another box to go through...but as soon as I opened it I was giddy with delight!! It was full of some of Aidan's old artwork, his preschool and Kindergarten graduation certificates...but mostly it had super sweet notes and pictures drawn for yours truly!!! What a sweet find!! {I only cried a little!}

Look at that...."I love my Gaga, and Mommy and Nanny. Love Aidan Riley." cute!!
And his sweet orange hand print!!

He drew a Quickway truck for his Papaw...adorable! And what a sweet picture of his baby sister...and her name.

After the first sweet treasures, I ran happily back to the above tub to see what else I could uncover!!

More GOODIES!! A paper sack puppet, a sweet heart from his preschool in Austin, and a picture framed dove!! Just beautiful!!

And look at this sweet card...he wrote it for both himself and Finley...just for me!!! priceless!!!

I hope to look upon these tresures again in another 10 years {along with with added ones from Finley, Breslyn and Owen of course!} with great excitement and giddiness!!!

I am so thankful for the chance to uncover all these beauties!

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  1. aww so precious and truly priceless. I wanted to tear up too thinking of that from my lil one someday!!
    Yeah I lived in Northern Ireland for three years:) It is beautiful I loved it and the people were amazing...I hope you can make it over sometime!!