Thursday, September 8, 2011

How Does She Do It?

It has been a hard day today.  Not awful, just....trying.
I had a wonderful, but long and exhausting day at work.
I enjoy my job...even if it is teaching 16 two year olds!!  I have a great co-teacher and sweet co-workers.
The kids are adorable and only one tries my ever last nerve.  Ha!
I just have nothing left come 3pm...
of course that is when I am needed the most.
I have 4 kids and a husband AND a house to take care of.
My patience is just gone, along with my energy.
So someone gets neglected, dishes pile up, mommy is screaming, teeth don't get brushed, pizza gets ordered and usually everyone cries at some point.

I can't wait to see the new movie "How Does She Do It?" staring Sarah Jessica Parker.
The movie is about a working woman, taking care of her kids, making time for her husband and not losing her mind in the process.  Wow!  Is that possible?

I have great days, where I reign supreme {ha!} and get it ALL done, with a smile on my face and a song in my heart!  And oh, those days, I love them.  I crave be my all, for Christ, for my kids, for my husband and for myself.

I currently feel pulled in so many directions...yet each direction is so incredibly exciting that I can't imagine not being a part of any of it!!  God is using me and I cannot put into words how wonderful I feel following His lead without question, without worry and honestly without thinking.  He is all knowing, so I don't need to!!

I have a supportive husband who I am so blessed to love and lean on.  He allows and encourages me to pursue goals and ventures to the best of my ability...all the while taking over the household duties!!

I have great friends and family and love to spend time with them...unfortunately, sometimes that just isn't going to happen.  I may miss a birthday party here and there, or I may not be able to help with a certain family function even after I have been asked to.  I may not be able to physically support a friend and a cause dear to my heart, but I can certainly pray my heart out for said cause.  I can only give as much as I have.

I am so blessed and loved through the thick and thin, the crying and laughing and I wouldn't have it any other way.


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