Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sad, Sweet Tears

Aidan threw up a few times last night,
Breslyn called from her bed at 6:15am this morning that she was going to throw up.

So when I went in to wake Finn and he started crying I assumed he was going to follow suit.
I was very wrong.

I listened to his cry and it was so sad and I really wanted to know why he was so upset...
He started crying even harder and said he, "didn't want to think about 
his nightmare anymore."
Of course I pressed to know what happened, and he said it involved Breslyn.

 I held him and he sobbed saying, "a man took B."
And that they were "at home, but a different house."

He was genuinely so upset, and it broke my heart.
But I was also so moved by his compassion for his sister....
I held him and loved on him...such sweetness packed in a few salty tears.


1 comment:

  1. Oh how sad...I haven't had that, but just the innocence of their broken hearts, it is heartbreaking! YES am moving back sooner than planned and girl I am soooooo thankful! God has again opened many doors for us, and is leading us home! Enjoy your night!
    Big Hugs