Monday, October 10, 2011

12 in 12:September AND October

Sooooo....I have slacked on my "12 in 12" goals lately.  Boo to me...but really I'm not too far behind!! 

For September my goal was TO SURVIVE!!  As a known homebody, being on the go constantly with deadlines and major stress (oh and a very sick family) just about knocked me out!!  To recap my September....go HERE!!! 

For October my goal is to clean out the kids closets....put away the clothes that will be reused, get out the fall/winter clothes, get rid of the clothes that are too tight, return borrowed clothes and toys, switch B's clothes to her new armoire (project coming soon) and in general organize!!  I also MUST finish editing the wedding pics I took a few weekends ago....I took 600 so there are a lot to go through, edit, delete and save!!

I have slacked on my posts lately...I have so much to say (and so many posts that are half written), but hopefully I will have pics and writs to read!!  Haha!! 


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