Tuesday, November 1, 2011

12 in 12:November

Sooooo, my November goal is to write a blog post EVERY day.
I will say that the posts may be one or two sentences, or just a cute pic of my kiddos, but I am gonna try my darndest!!  Mm-kay?

I know that the Facebook trend in the month of November is to say something you are thankful for each day, which I may carry over to the blog or I may write some random mumbo jumbo...but either way I hope you will find it interesting!!  Teehee!!

November 1st...check!!!  ha!

Just kidding...

My first post of November is to post the thing I'm most thankful for: Jesus Christ and His AMAZING LOVE.
I am so grateful for His sacrifice and forgiveness....but mostly His NEVER-ENDING LOVE!!
I couldn't make it through each day without Him.


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