Sunday, November 6, 2011

Missed a Day...Dern!!

Well, I missed a post, only 5 days in and I failed.  Well, I forgive myself!!  Hahaha!  We were at the Fort Worth Zoo all day yesterday celebrating Finley's the time we got home I couldn't walk my heel hurt so bad.  Then after not having eaten breakfast or lunch, I got a KILLER migraine!  It was ice pack on my head, the light from the television piercing my brain nerves {ha}, husband getting the trash can kinda bad.  All that to say...THAT is the reason I didn't get a post up!!

Today I would like to give thanks for my husband and kiddos.  It's not fair to bunch the two of them together, but I just feel like I need to mention them both!  I would not be "me" if it weren't for those 5 people!!  I love them to pieces. 

Thank you for believing in me...ALWAYS.  You push, support, lead, hug, comfort, tease, listen, carry and love me.  You are a wonderful husband and BEST FRIEND.  No matter how close I am to my girlfriends, you are number one in my life {after Christ}.  Thank you for loving me when I feel so unlovable.  You are an amazing man and I thank God every day for you.

My Children,
When I am away from you for an hour or two, I honestly can't wait to get back and see you again!  I'm C.R.A.Z.Y!!  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy getting away to refresh and relax, but I get so excited when I return home {especially knowing when I come through the door I will hear, "momma" screaming from you all}.  I can't believe how different each of you are...your bodies, faces, freckles, smiles, eyes, personalities and attitudes.  I pray every day that God will continue to bless each of you.  I love ALL FOUR of you...thank you for teaching me who I need to be. 

....okay, I'm done gushing!! ;)


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