Friday, November 25, 2011


Well, I have obviously failed my November goal....but do you know how hard it is to blog every FLIPPIN' day?!  No?  It's HARD!!  HA!  Oh well, I will try and do a few posts in a row!!  So....

Here are some more pics of a shoot I did a couple weeks ago.  I tell is a LOT stressful being an amateur photographer.  I know people aren't expecting much from a non-pro, but I want them to be pleasantly surprised when they receive their pictures!  Will my artistic taste match theirs?  Are they as in love with black and white photos as I am?  Etc, {self doubt}, etc, {hoping for great results}, etc!!!  That are a few pics!  Enjoy! {unfortunately, blogger is being all screwy...some of them...a few of my favs....are turned the wrong way.  bummer.}

 Love this pic...he isn't really a smiler, so to capture his sweetness in this pose was priceless.  I so wish it was right side up!!

This is such a precious and daughter...such beauties!!


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  1. Those pics are great girl! Love the boots...gotta love Texas!! Big Hugs