Friday, September 25, 2015

August 2015

Look at me!!  Almost caught up!  Hahaha!!  August was fast and furious!

*Aug 1st was spent gathering school supplies and hanging out at the UT Coop.
*Aug 3rd Haley had a huge surgery...she looks pretty laid back and happy here, but it was a difficult day for all involved.  At then end of the day (many hours later than we expected), we were told she was cancer free.  {That would however not be the case...but that is for another time.}
*Aug 5th I went on a run and found a GORGEOUS mirror!  Great reward for getting up early and dragging my butt around for 2 miles!  Haha!!
*At Grandma's house we love to play games...especially Dominos!
*Aug 12th was my dad's birthday...apparently I didn't take any pictures of him...pathetic.  Sorry Dad.
*Aug 13th was my MIL's birthday...and again no pic of her.  I did take them, but for some reason they didn't show up when I made the collage.  But I did get one of Papaw and Owen.  Bittersweet picture....we miss him.
*The littles and I went to Hob Lob and what do ya know...Christmas EVERYWHERE!!  I was happy!
*Aug 15th Joey and I went on a day date to La Madeline and just talked.  It was so nice just to sit and be together.  Oh, and the food was INCREDIBLE!!
*Aug16th I snapped a cute pic of our favorite babysitter with B.
*Later that day we headed to the pool and Joey made himself a redneck float.  Mhm...
*Aug 19th the kiddos had their own little waterpark in Gma's backyard.  :)

{and now to switch things up, and to keep you guessing...we will go counter clockwise around! haha!}
*Aug 20th was Meet the Teacher Night.
*Aug 21st we officially closed on our house.  I definitely miss our sweet home, but I am glad that it is now owned by a great couple.  I know they are great because they invited us over already!! :))
*Aug 23rd we went to lunch with our friends, The Watts.  Pizza Hut...always a favorite!
*That night we prepared for the first day of school by following tradition and reading our favorite books to Owen.  I might've cried myself to sleep later that night...but no pics of that.  You're welcome.
*Aug 24th I started back to work...or inservice...or whatever you call meetings for preschool.  But this day I had CPR and First Aid Training.  We were bored. ;))
*That afternoon it was so cute to see the two middles helping the littlest with his "homework".
*Aug 25th I put the finishing touches on my classroom.  It's monster themed, if ya couldn't tell!
*Later on that week we stopped over at Haley's house and I snapped this sweet picture of all the girls.  I will frame this and hang it in B's new room.  So precious!
*Aug 28th Grandpa brought over a truck for Owen to build and paint...Gpa ended up doing most of the work, but Owen colored it beautifully! ;)

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