Saturday, September 5, 2015

Kinder, 2nd, 4th. 8th and Puffy Eyes

 THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR ALL MY KIDS!!!  Bring on the tears.  
Aidan- 13, 8th grade; Breslyn- 7, 2nd grade; Owen- 5, Kinder; Finley- 9, 4th grade

I took these three to school first...and everyone was happy, smiling and ready to get into their respective classrooms!!

This one...I do believe he was a little nervous.  He's holding my hand...can I tell you how much I love that one of my kiddos still holds my hand?  Oh, this made it even harder for my momma heart.  

No picture of Finley....he's getting too old for that.  He just took off towards his class and I didn't see him again till pick up. :(  I then took Aidan to school...of course no pics of him.  Duh....  I promptly dropped him off and bawled all the way home.  I came home, ate some breakfast, went shopping and to lunch with Gma (and had a wonderful time) and then headed back for my munchkins.  

Then we ran some errands and went to pick up Aidan from football practice.  Annnnnnd THAT'S when I snuck a picture with my cell phone!!  Hahaha!!

All four had a great day.  Two weeks in now and we are finding our groove.  I still miss my little buddy, but hopefully that will help me appreciate the weekends a lot more.  :)

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