Saturday, September 5, 2015

July 2015

Another month...summer was long, and July was no exception.  I was mostly busy packing, so there aren't as many "fun" pics this month.  

*July 1st I continued to pack, clean and do a little lawn labor.  
*July 2nd we visited our new neighborhood's pool....Aidan and Joey tried synchronized jumping.  They weren't so great at it!! :)
*July 3rd the littles rode on a carosel at Ridgmar's tiny, but they still had a great time.
*July 4th....well that involved a pic with my cutie, some tractor riding, food and fireworks!  
*Hey....a packing pic!!  Ya gotta be careful with those paper straws!!! Haha!!
*July 11th I snapped a picture of the demo work I was doing in my parent's kitchen.  Good times...I abhor that stinkin wood paneling.  But the shiplap behind it made it allllllll worth it! (BTW---my parents kitchen in amazing and they have worked so hard to make it beautiful!!  Will share a picture later!)

*July 16th I went to a planning party!  I fell in love with a friend's ARC planner from Staples.  I loved the look of it, but I'm still learning how to use it.
*That week Finn had to have some blood work done, and as a treat to him (and all the kiddos) we went and saw Minions after his appointment.  It was very cute!
*July 25th Owen and I continued to do demo work on Gaga and Gpa's kitchen and Joey helped Gpa outside.  Breslyn was working hard as you can tell!  Haha!!
*July 28th and 29th I went over and took care of Haley....It had been a very rough start to the week, passing out, doubled over in pain, shaking, swearing.  This would be the point that she realized her pain couldn't just be from chemo.
*July 31st the kids played in the pool again...Owen was really getting daring!!  So proud of him!
*And while we were at the neighborhood pool we checked out the house progress!!  Oh how I LOVE that big ol door!!!  It caused us some irritation, but it was all worth it!!

Wow...another summer month gone. :)  Peace out July!

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