Saturday, September 5, 2015

Meet the Teacher 2015

So we are two weeks into school, so it's about time I share pics from Meet the teacher night!  Haha!
I took lots of outside pictures with my good camera only to get home and realize they were all overexposed.  So disappointed!  So this one on my phone will have to work.  

We went inside and finally met all their teachers.  Owen has Ms. Hunter and she is so cute!!  Ashlee gives her the thumbs up so we are happy!! ;)

Only one pic of Finn. :/  He really liked the fact that his teacher was a man and that he loves science fiction just like Finn.  Joey and I KNOW we KNOW Mr. Caldwell from somewhere, but we still haven't figured it out yet.  Ugh!  

The biggest happy moment of the night was finding out B has Ms. Dean!!!!  Finley had her for 2nd and 3rd and we really wanted B to have her as well!  We got our wish and Breslyn was over the moon excited!!

It was a very exciting night and we all went to bed exhausted!! :)

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