Wednesday, May 12, 2010

B's Bow Holder

Now, if you will recall in my last post, I gave a little glimpse of this bow holder!! And now I will post a semi-tutorial on how to make it. Unfortunately, I deleted my entire disk in my there are no before (or during) photos. BUT.... it is a fairly easy project so here we go!!!

First get a frame..I got this at a garage sale YEARS was formerly above our bed, but found it's way into the garage. I believe it was a buck or two. I spray painted it black to match my daughter's room...pretty simple because it was already a dark brown. You will also need a stapler, staples and your FAVORITE ribbon!! Picking out the ribbon was my favorite had to match the other colors in her, white, pink and some green. (I decided to add a little somthin-somthin to the corner of the frame. Hot glued some scrapbook flowers and buttons (in coordinating colors) right to the frame....VOILA!! simply GORGEOUS!!

Below is a pic of the can see how I stapled at the top and bottom. This actually can get a little good luck~haha!! Okay, not really that tricky, but you want to make sure and measure to decide how far apart you want the ribbon...enough room for big bows and not so far apart that you can only hold just a few bows and flowers!! I used different sized ribbon as well...for large bows I use the wide ribbon, and for small clips I used much thinner ribbon.

And the final product....TA-DA!! It is soooooo simple and it was totally a steal from another blog....can't remember which since it was so loooong ago. But anyone can do it and it is SUPER cheap...well, except for the price of the bows and flowers!!! ;)

I really am happy with how it turned if only I could, I mean find an idea to hold her hats and headbands...hmmm!! I will post more projects soon....when I am not breastfeeding my itty bitty Owen, reading books to Breslyn, yelling at Finley and listening to Aidan talk!!! Hahahaha!!


  1. Very cute idea! Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites!

  2. Thanks for linking up! I totally need to make one of these!