Monday, May 10, 2010

Hot Pink Zebra

Well, I just had to start this post off with an UBER-CUTE pic of my sweet B sitting in one of my latest creations!! So I started off with a tacky, plain, cheap, faux-wood bookcase. I think I got it a few years ago at Wally World for around $20...could have been less. Anywho, I primed it....long story plans were to paint it white, but I knew it needed to be primed first...slick surface and silly me wanted my paint layer to stick, so primer first. Then after deciding not to paint it white...humph....I went with hot pink!! SPRAY PAINT ROCKS!!! So here is a pic of the bookcase all plain and pink!

Breslyn's bedroom is done in Black, White, Hot pink, Light pink and a smidgen of green. I wanted a black and white pattern that would not distract from her bedding (a Damask pattern) zebra was a great choice!! I put the bookcase down on the ground face down then I laid my material along the back making sure it was all straight.

Below are my tools!!! Stapler, staples and scissors! Not a lot of materials for a super cute project!

I cut along the edges after making sure it was taut and straight.

Sometimes I had to tuck in the edges and re-staple to have a more finished look.

Stapling is SOOOO fun!! I mean I really love it...i probably used 3X as many staples as I needed, but I was having such a great time!! Teehee!

And....the finished product (I had not put the second shelf back in yet)!! Sorry for the weird picture angle...a professional photographer I am not!!

And the product in her room!! I look forward to filling it with cute baskets filled with her kitchen toys, books and baby dolls! (Notice the bow holder? I will do a tutorial on that later!!) Hope you have enjoyed my latest project!!
Here B is pointing to the new "object" in her room...letting me know that she approves and can't wait to always put her toys away on the shelves and make sure her room is always neat and tidy...okay, that is what I hope she was thinking...but probably not!! I enjoyed doing this project and it makes a great statement in her room. Now on to my next project....stay tuned!!! :)


  1. That is super cute! I love that fabric, it's so fun!

  2. Great project! Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites!

  3. SO fun! I'm a sucker for zebra stripes! Thanks for linking up! Come back next week!

  4. you are totally getting into this blog thing and doing a great job ! Love B's toy shelf.