Monday, May 23, 2011

Good Day...Not So Much

Okay that's better.

The stupid stomach bug is making it's way through our home...jealous?
It hit Owen...two days later Finn...two days later Breslyn. Who's next?
I am queasy (and I think Aidan is too...he's home 'sick' from school today).

The boys are fighting and I just had to "discipline" Aidan...and I got hurt in the process.
Their fighting woke Owen up from his nap EARLY...
My house is a freakin mess (I just got back from a scrap one husband and 4 kids trampling about does not make for a clean house!!!).

I am struggling with rearranging the kids rooms for a more peaceful household...
I am struggling with whether I should watch a kid over the summer....
I am struggling about making a decision on my job in the fall.

It's rainy, hot, muggy and I am not happy.

Somewhat better!

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