Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Not A Wordless Wednesday... fact I am begging you...please use words to pray for a family in Oklahoma. Please pray for the Hamil family in Piedmont. A few quick details...the mom (Catherine who is pregnant) was holding her 3 babies (a 5yo, 3yo and 15mo) in a bathtub when their house was hit by the tornado. Her 3 yo was ripped from her arms, her 15mo died and her little girl is in critical condition (as is the mom). They have not found the 3yo Ryan.

I am pleading with you to pray for this hurting family. My heart is just breaking for them. When I put my boys to bed tonight while singing Amazing Grace to them, I just broke down crying. When the boys asked why, I told them...and "we" prayed together. It was so moving to know they were listening to the words I was speaking straight to God. Amazing Grace indeed.

I just cannot imagine how much the mom is hurting right have your child ripped from your arms and taken away by a tornado.....

Lord, I know that you will be glorified whether little Ryan makes it home alive and unhurt or if you have already taken him to Heaven to be with you. You can and will comfort this family even in their darkest hour. I ask that you wrap your arms of peace around them ,and help guide those searching for him. I am praying for a miracle Lord, that Ryan makes it home to his parents....if it is your will. Amen.

So again, I am asking that you pray without ceasing. Pray fervently and with a steadfastness.

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