Friday, October 12, 2012

First Newborn Session!!!

I am so excited and VERY nervous...tomorrow morning I will be shooting my first newborn session!!!  I hosted a baby shower a few weeks ago for a wonderful woman (I will post pics of the shower later) and one of the gifts I gave her was a newborn/family photo session.  I warned her that I have never taken baby pics before, but that I am so willing and happy to let Baby Landon be my guinea pig!  So tomorrow I plan hope pray to take pictures like these:

I'm bringing my funky wooden chair...hoping to accomplish the same look...but a little more boyish! ;)

I'm bringing my old beat up red wagon too...

Again...boyish instead, but I'm bringing a dark brown basket and fluffy blankets!

I have a blue truck available, but we will have to use the other end of it for picture takin'!

Cept not in a swimsuit or water...but my Grandma has a cute white metal bucket we will be using...YAY!!

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Super dislike the cheesy background on this one, but we want to get a football, in fact ALL sport-related, pictures.

I have a bunch of baseballs ready for this set-up!

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

...but with a tennis racquet and balls!

This picture is at the TOP of their list!!  She texted me this picture and I pray I can pull it off!!  Ha!

The two littles and I went and scouted the area (which we've been to lots..but wanted fresh eyes on the area).  I got lots of ideas and I am praying that 1) the weather will be perfect 2) that we won't have to complete with other people trying to take pics 3) that God would bless this session...that JJ and Amanda would have beautiful pictures to look back on for years!!

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