Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What a Dump!

My dad has always said "You can't physically get better if you don't mentally feel better!"  Well I am here to testify that that is the truth FOR SURE!!  

If I am already sick AND feeling emotionally defeated it takes so LONG for me to get back to normal.  

Starting last Thursday the EVIL stomach bug hit our house...I hate him by the way...he's never ever to visit here again!! ;)  Aidan was up all night with puking and pooping.  The next day Finley got it.  Then we seemed to be in the clear.  That's how EVIL works ya know?  You think it's been dealt with and it quiets down for a bit...then it comes back even worse than before!!!  The hubs couldn't even get out of bed Monday...stomach ache, body aches, low fever...that continued for 2 days.  Then Tuesday I woke up with the EVIL stomach cramps and they have continued through today.  

So in the two days I've been down my house has gone to pot!  I have about 5,262 Hot Wheels cars in my living room floor!  I filled a whole garbage bag FULL of trash just from my kitchen!  We accumulated that much trash in just a couple of days.  I have 8 loads of freshly washed and dried clothes sitting in baskets on my dining room table.'s a bit daunting to say the least!  So again, it's hard for me to feel better when I have so much work to do when I feel better!!  

Around 7 tonight I finally felt a bit I tackled the kitchen!  Whoop!  The living room and laundry will have to wait!!  Ha!  

Tomorrow is a new day...:)  

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  1. Missed you yesterday, sweetie - but thanks for not spreading the remnants of your germs! Feel better and be nice to yourself. Laundry can wait - you can just wear out of the piles...not that I know this first-hand. :-)