Saturday, October 6, 2012

Poor Boy...

My poor Aidan has pretty much gotten the shaft when it comes to having a bedroom all put together.  He has been through many different beds, he's had a desk, then it was gone...lots of flip flopping...nothing consistent.  So I've decided it is time to work on his least IDEAS for his room!  Here are some things I've pinned recently:

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Love the large stripe of chalkboard!

I have the pallets...just need to paint or stain!!

Really starting to love this dark blue color...I wouldn't say it's navy, but close.  You will see this color show up in a lot of these pins!

I like the idea of using sports since that is MAJOR in his life right now!  And I really like this old basketball hoop over the headboard!

I just bought him some pennants recently and I have been trying to decide how to hang the...this is a neat version!

I love the sophistication of this room...may not work for pre-teen Aidan, but maybe 17 year old Aidan!  HA!

I do not like everything in this room...too little boyish and TOO sports.  But I do like the navy, the balls hanging in the hoop, and the rug!

This one is too nautical, but I again love the colors.  Hmm...his dresser is red and I like the navy with it...but I want to combine them without looking nauticalish!  Also love the sophistication of this room.  Really love the pillows.

LOVE the beds....the pillows especially!  Love the striped comforter.  I do not like the mural on the wall though.

What do you think of these ideas?!!  Aidan's dresser and bed are red....he loves sports.  Any other suggestions?!

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