Monday, July 12, 2010

Random Pics

So after uploading literally hundreds of pics onto my computer last night I realized most of them I haven't shared yet!! I've got lots of posts in my future!! But I thought I would just share a smattering of great pics with you...enjoy!

Above are two great friends...I mean definitely they fight like brothers, but good friends too!! Josh and Finn- a pair of crazy {pain in the tooshie} four year old boys!!

This pic is for Gaga....O-bug fits just perfectly in her arms!

Sweet Mrs. Ashlee...she and Owen have a special bond!! Doesn't this pic make you smile?

Well, what can I say about this picture...typical Finley!!

Yes....this is the most perfect Grandma in the world...yes, the whole world!!

A Grandpa and his granddaughter! So sweet...he looks disinterested, but don't be fooled...he is very smitten!!

One word...precious pretty pink princess!!

Yes, I did have to throw Owen in Uncle Zach's arms for the picture, but do what you have to!

Look at my big boy!! He is so sweet. This summer he has been showering me with hugs and kisses constantly! I love him so!!

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture so much.
I love my family {and my friends} so very much!!
Now I am off to clean my kitchen...blech!! :)

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