Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why I didn't get that Cracker picked up....

I wasn't able to get that cracker picked up today because my schedule was as follows:

3:30am: bfeed Owen
5:00am: finally fall back asleep
7:45am: my burning eyes opened to a talking O-bug
7:55am: shower and dress
8:10am: make biscuits for breakfast
8:25am: greet my sitter kiddo keegan
8:30am: feed Keggan
8:35am: bfeed Owen, bottle feed him and pump all while answering a million questions from my kids
9:30am: change 3 diaper, one that is nasty; get all 5 kids dressed
9:55am: finish Monopoly game with Aidan
10:30am: load of laundry
10:45am: begin cleaning my kitchen
11:04am: answer a barrage of questions about what we are doing for lunch...Aidan wants pizza, finley wants a sandwich, B is already sitting in her chair as I try to explain that it isn't yet time for lunch
11:55am: continue cleaning kitchen with Breslyn's "help"
12:10pm: make 3 DIFFERENT lunches!! Aidan- mustard, ham, no cheese; Finley and B share mayo, ham and cheese, and peanut butter for K.
12:30pm: make my lunch
12:45pm: put everyone in their own place for "quiet time", Aidan in my room watching TV, Finn in his room watching Nemo, B in bed for a nap, Keegan down for a nap as well
1:00pm: breathe
1:02pm: nurse Owen, bottle, pump
1:30pm: tell Finn to get back in his room 3x, accept numerous hugs from Aidan
2:15pm: stare at Owen for a few minutes...he's so happy
2:20pm: another load of laundry
2:25pm: fold all the other laundry
2:40pm: tell Finn he can come out of his room, set up play doh for him
2:55pm: get B out of bed
3:00pm: finish cleaning kitchen...yes, it was super gross.
3:15pm: get K up and change his and B's diapers
3:30pm: greet Ashlee and Josh at the door
3:35pm: sweep the kitchen floor
3:40pm: vent to ashlee and listen to her talk as well....such a great give and take relationship
3:55pm: tell the kids to be quiet and go play in the boys room
4:20pm: wrangle K while Ashlee is on the phone
4:40pm: say bye to our friends
4:50pm: sit and breathe (finally get a chance to check email and Facebook)
5:15pm: start making dinner....leftover pizza for Aidan, Toy Story mac n cheese for B and Finn, regular mac n cheese for me
5:40pm: eat and answer more never ending questions from the kids
6:10pm: start bfeeding Owen
6:30pm: start bathing 3 kiddos
6:45pm: get everyone dressed for bed
7:00pm: get movie going for Finn, start playing Monopoly with Aidan while holding a wiggly B
7:45pm: clean up the kitchen from dinner
8:00pm: put Aidan and Finley in bed....start a movie for them
8:05pm: sing to B and put her to bed
8:15pm: bfeed Owen, bottle, rock and rock and rock some more
8:55pm: lay Owen down for the night
9:00pm: look around at my toy infested living room. begin throwing toys into the toy box behind the couch
9:25pm: check on all my babies
9:30pm: sit in my chair and relax.......realize how tired I am....and although I began this post Wednesday at 9:31pm, it took me till 9:31am on Friday morning to complete it

So that my darling is why I didn't get to that cracker behind the couch...under mounds of toys, books and baskets. I am not supermom, I cannot do it all, but I do a pretty good job of maintaining our little homestead...and I do it all without losing my mind (most of the time)!!!

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  1. Wheeeeewwwwww! I'm tired now! I do remember the never ending circus called motherhood!