Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Update on O-O {part 2 apparently}

Well, today was exactly 1 week from Owen's doctor appointment. We were finally able to call and see what the results were. Now mind you last week at our appt the doc said, "we are taking blood, here is the number to my nurse, call in 7-10 days and she will give you the results." Fast forward to today....I called at 10am this morn and the nurse called me back at 4pm. She was very sweet and said she wished she could help me...huh? Her words.."I do have the results, but the doctor will have to review them and call you on Thursday when she is back in the office." Okay....yes, there is probably still nothing wrong with him, but why were we told she would give us the results only to say she couldn't?? :s I told the nurse thank you and hung up as if I wasn't bothered by this at all. But the longer I thought about it, the more I wished I had asked more questions. Grr. I am always so worried about bothering people, or confronting them that I tend to back down when I should ask more questions or maybe, just maybe start a fight. I don't want to go to the opposite end of the spectrum and be an annoying over-bearing person. I know people like that and I have stopped being friends with them because they have embarrassed me, confronted me and put me in awkward situations numerous times. Wow, went off topic there for a second!! Anyways, we are back to the waiting game. I still have full confidence that he is fine...but of course a nagging feeling still tugs at my heart. Continued prayers please.

I am having a good week. Grandma came to help me with some chores today...she was bombarded as soon as she stepped through the door. The kiddos talked non-stop "at" her!! I think she like liked it...just a little!! :) I must finish laundry tomorrow...luckily the pile is getting smaller!! And on Friday I get to scrapbook from about 5pm till midnight THEN scrap on Saturday from 10am till midnight...oh yea, oh yea, oh yea yea yea (from Finding Nemo)!!

I am going to go finish baking some Pillow Cookies...brownies INSIDE chocolate chip cookies...yes, I know...you are JEALOUS!! teehee!! I will give a report on their gooey goodness!!

Goodnight dear friends and family.

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