Tuesday, February 1, 2011

12 in 12: February

So back in January I did a post here about not doing resolutions this year...but I stated that I would focus on one thing each month.

January: write a special note to someone every single day. It could be a text, email, FB...etc. Anyways...I tried, I really did...but I said I would admit if I failed. Well....I FAILED....MISERABLY!! I did send quite a few notes out, but not near every single day. I am pathetic! The whole point was to pick something I would continue to do after the 30 days were over....and that was something I really wanted to be better at. I have awesome family and friends and want them to know it....so I will continue to do my best at sending little notes {even if it isn't every single day}!!

So onto February....I have decided to cut out REAL drinks....it was very hard to type that. I think I can, I think I can....but I don't think I want to!! Ha! I need to do this, but I am already on day 3 of not having a real Coke and I am so craving one!! So Diet Coke, eh? Hmph...I'd still rather have my Coke and bathe in in too!! So, it is a simple thing to do, and I hope that after 30, er 28 days I will be free of the Coke Beast!!

Join me in this fight against real drinks...or whatever your demon is!! Ha! 28 days and you will be free!! I'm pumped...okay, not really. :}

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