Tuesday, February 1, 2011

American Crafter Round 1

I am so excited to announce that I was chosen in the first ever round of competetion for American Crafter...put on by sweet Amy at Nap Time Crafters!!

I feel so honored to be able to participate in this awesome contest! The other ladies are SUPER uber talented, so I am quite nervous to compete against them. And even though I might get eliminated right off the bat, I am still super thrilled that I was even chosen in the first place!! Yay!!

So...with that said, we present our projects each Thursday morning and then they are voted on by YOU over the weekend...so I implore you to VOTE VOTE VOTE {for me} for all the wonderful ladies!! Please!! Is that pathetic begging, or just a healthy dose of pleading? Ha!!

So I'm off to finish my project for this first week!!

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