Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So Maybe I Don't Want to Live Up North... we have been snowed in for 2 days...going on 5 and I am losing my ever-lovin mind!! My kids could be worse, but they have given me a few fits. It's been so nice having Joey home..but even he is getting irritated by all the "closeness"!! ha! We are lucky we have enough formula and baby food to last until next week {I hope}. But man I am really wishing we had more to eat and drink around here!! Our neighborhood is iced over so there is no getting!! Our wonderful friends the Szymanski's were so kind as to bring us bread tonight!!

Ugh...I love snow and cold weather...but we can't even play in it because the freakin wind chill is -4 degrees!! I am so over it! But...I will admit it sure is purty outside!! :)

Good night, sleep tight....

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  1. Where are you at in the country? That sounds crazy!! Can you get out today?? Thank goodness for the internet huh?
    We just recently moved to Colorado and although we haven't had tons of snow dumped on us, we have had three days of like -17! My southern California self does not know what this is..haha! Hand in there!!