Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Be Still My Heart....

.....tonight Joey had to work the kids and I had a yummy dinner {okay, really it was just I who had steamed broccoli with cheese, egg noodles, chicken and rolls!!} and then I got all the kids showered and ready for bed. We all gathered in the living room and began watching "The Game Plan". I started out with B and Finn in my lap, Aidan on the couch and Obug crawling around fussing. So after about 20 minutes I finally picked up Owen and held him.....after getting the boot off my lap Finley and Breslyn headed to the couch. But they didn't just sit there...Finn scooted in close to Aidan and Breslyn promptly crawled up in Aidan's lap!!! OMGosh!! Such preciousness in one place!! I snuggled up with Owen and started crying. I mean really??!! Could my kids be any cuter? NO!!

Around 4pm I was tired...needing a nap, and really felt like I needed a break from my job. Around 4:30 I was starving and had had it up to here with Finn irritating B and B screaming at Finn. Around 7pm I was happier than I could ever be...watching my kiddos love on each other and show such compassion. It was beautiful and made my heart happy!

Thank you Lord for the gift of children....4 amazingly different, incredibly loving kids.

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  1. that is so precious! I love it, it makes me want to have more kids! I am glad we were blog friends from the start to:) Go Ashley's!!