Thursday, July 7, 2011


So here's how the conversation went:

Me: Finley, you need to say yes ma'am.
Finn: silence...
Me: Finley, you need to say yes ma'am.
Finn: silence with rolled eyes.
Me: Finley, you need to say yes ma'am rigHT NOWWW!!
Finn: Why?
Me: Because you need to show respect.  I am your elder and your mommy, so you will show me respect. 
Finn: {under mumbled breath} I only respect daddy.
Me:......stunned silence........then anger.......then sadness.
Me: Finley, God tells us to honor our MOMS and dads.  It is one of the Ten, it's kind of a BIGGIE!!!!
Me: God will teach you to respect me way or another {can you hear the ominous...dun, dun, dun?}.

And that's how it ended.  
He doesn't get it, but hopefully, with time, he will.  I have never questioned Aidan's respect towards me...his nature is to be loving, pleasing and honoring.  But then came Finley...a barrel of crazy, unrestrained monkeys!!  I dunno!!  


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  1. "He who wants a rose must respect the thorn.”

    A sweet tongue and loving heart can single handedly pull an elephant across a great divide.

    Persian quotes

    Not sure about you, but I think that the Persians may have heard of the Great Defiant One otherwise known as Finley Patrick!