Monday, July 11, 2011

Family Vacation

 The face above might be your face if you get bored looking at around 50 family vacation pics, especially when they aren't pics of YOUR family...but here they are anyways!!  Teehee!!
 On the way to Little Rock, AR....

 ....Grandpa having issues with the flap-flap-flapping carpet under the car top carrier (this was only the THIRD time we stopped to check it!!!).
 B and Gaga relaxing after a long day in the car.
 Happy boy...he was about to devour a YUMMY breakfast (at lunch time...crazy boy) at Cracker Barrel.
 Grandma and Aunt Karen....
 Beautiful cousin Josie and my GORGEOUS mom!
 this is my all his glory...silly, funny, crazy!
 Uncle Joel...

 The hubs and I have begun making a list of cities we have visited that we would love to live in....this is one of THOSE cities.  Meet Franklin, TN.  Unfortunately, most of the pics I took of the incredible green mountains didn't come out well.  But here are a few of downtown.  It is so WONDERFUL here.  Ahhhh....

 Puckett's...Neatest restaurant EVER.... delicious food and A LIVE BAND!!  I was in heaven...

 Finally we reached Fall Creek Falls, TN....yes, this little guy was just a couple feet from the car...beautiful!

 Aunt Leola and Baby Taylor

 Have you EVER seen a cuter butt in a Speedo??'t!!!  He was precious!
 Owen did NOT like the big pool...but the other kids had a blast!

 On to the family is Joel trying to pawn FARM FUDGE...don't ask!
 Cousin Sara modeling a FANCY-SCHMANCY pair of blue jeans!!
 Salt of the earth these two!!!  Aunt Anita (or Auntnita to B) and Aunt Jessie.
 Thena, Uncle Marshall and Aunt Betty

 Josie and Deanna...the cutest.pregnant.girl.EVER!!
 John, Mary Sue and my Grandma
 (Grandma was makin' the rounds!!) Harriett and John Howard
 Driving to Chattanooga...LOOK at the GORGEOUSNESS...take it in....pure beauty by our AMAZING GOD!!

 Owen was a little obsessed with my Aunt Anita's stairs....right after this pic he fell down about 6 of those steps...lucky for him, his momma rocks and was right there to catch him!!!
 This face would fade soon....this was our LONG day...approximately 10 hours in the car...n.o.t fun!!  We were beginning our trek towards home (by way of Little Rock).  But he sure enjoyed hanging out in the trunk!!
 Three BEAUTIFUL sisters...Martharie, Jessie and Leola. 

We had such a good time...lots of fun, a little stress, great excitement, relaxing moments!!!  
A special thanks to my Grandma and parents for making it possible for us to go on such a great vacation!!  


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