Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our Version

Ashlee and I read a certain blog (by another Ashley) and while having our picture made we decided (okay...I decided) that we should pose like the BEAUTIFUL women pose on Ashley's blog!!  

Picture #1 (how normal people pose)

Picture #2 (me making an attempt at the SUPER pose...arm on hip, chest out, eyes huge, leg crossed over the other, holding your breath and sucking in; however, we were without our super short and very stylish dresses.   I believe Ashlee is laughing so hard she might have piddled!!)

Picture #3 (the final attempt...I think we rocked it!!)

I love you Ash, and I love taking crazy pictures with you!!  You really are as beautiful as those ladies we are trying to imitate.  You are awesome girl!!  :)


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