Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Just Another Hump Day

Ugh.  That's the only word to describe the last two and a half hours...

Why MUST my kids be so intolerable in the morning?  I love them, but OMGoodness...what is going on with them?  Owen woke up sick...slight fever, but not cranky, B marched into the living room at 6:45 with an attitude, Finn went berserk over his socks and the fact that we have NOTHING to eat in our house and Aidan was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.  

Y'all....raising kids is HARD!  Liking them is even harder!  Ha!!

I have so much going on right now, and I feel like poo...AND I know that my patience is definitely running out, but my goodness I really wish I wasn't yelling at the top of my lungs by 6:59 in the morning!!  Gaw!

I pray about how to raise these kiddos, and I know the Lord hears my cries...that is all I can rely on.  I can't rely on myself to keep it together.  I can't rely on Joey not to yell {he gets just as frustrated as I do..and rightfully so}.  I can't expect them to mature over night.  I can ONLY rely on God to give me strength and help me to show them grace and mercy when I just feel like smacking them!

And to make me feel better....;)

And how I feel our family must look like to others!!! Ha!

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